Laser treatment for
Vaginal Health


* Who is a candidate?

* How it works?

* Pre-treatment consultation?

* Preparing for your treatment

* What to expect after treatment

* Treatment for vaginal issues

* Treatment for vulvar remodeling


* Results 

Introducing Juliet laser treatment for intimate health

The Juliet procedure can positively impact a woman’s intimate experiences and improve her quality of life.

The Juliet laser treatment is a simple,  non-surgical procedure that delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal canal :

* Stimulating new collagen

* Remodeling tissue

* Restoring tone and flexibility

* Improving lubrication

* Alleviating itching and pain

Vaginal relaxation syndrome
Relaxation of the vaginal wall associated with childbirth and aging.

* Vulvar Remodeling
* Labial Resurfacing

* Lichen Sclerosus

Potential treatment for intimate health

* Intimate wellness

* Dryness

* Itching

* Burning

* Painful intercourse

Clinical results
Patient-reported better vaginal lubrication, reduction of, or no dyspareunia, and better quality
of sexual life.
Vulvar vaginal treatments

Pachulia treatment can enhance the appearance and femininity of a vaginal area.

Laser energy is applied to the vaginal area to help stimulate collagen and remodel the labia, to address vulvar dystrophy as well as Texture and tone.

* Vulvar Revitalization

* Labial Resurfacing

* Vulvar dystrophy 

Treatment Procedure:
* Safe, easy in-office treatment

* The quick, 10-minute procedure

* Three treatments, four weeks apart

* Anesthesia may be required for external treatment

* Minimal downtime; refrain from sexual activity for 72 hours post treatment

* Most patients feel and see improvement after the first treatment

* Annual maintenance treatment is recommended

Testimonies from real Women

 I was uncertain about all the changes happening to my body and asked my physician about it. I noticed an improvement soon after the first treatment and continued improvement even after the last treatment. I highly recommend Juliet, it has restored my confidence and renewed intimacy in my life.
- Julia W. 

I decided to try Julia treatment. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure and I can’t believe how good the results have been for me. It improved my sexual life. 
- Marie L.

I underwent Julia treatment to improve dryness and pain during intercourse.
- Patricia M. 

After I gave birth to my child, my body changed and sex life was not as satisfactory. My healthcare provider recommended the Julia laser. The effects were immediately visible to me and improved over time. One continuous improvement and tightness. It’s made a huge difference. I feel like I’m 18 again, which is great.
- Laura. T.